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Savannah and Chad – A Love to Last a Lifetime

A love story that began a decade ago – teenage love that blossomed through adulthood.
To start the day, Savannah came on property calm, cool, and relaxed. She is a picture of beauty, grace, and joy – attributes her friends and family use to describe her very core.   Savannah and Chad waited 10 years for this day. Our bride was ready to pledge her life, her love, and her all to the one who had captured her heart when she was just a girl.

When Chad arrived he was every bit as calm, cool, and relaxed as his bride.  Surrounded by his closest friends – the ones who supported him laughed with him and wanted the best for him.  Anxious to see his bride, the one whom he had fallen head over heels for.  His love for her had only grown throughout the years, and now he was excited to begin their life together as a married couple.
And so, it would soon begin… with a walk to the secret garden.

The Ceremony

As Savannah entered the garden, Chad was swept away with emotions. Both joy and awe.

Vows were spoken, a life-long commitment was made… they were forever tied together in matrimony, and they couldn’t be happier.

The Reception

As the beauty of the property surrounded them –blooming Azaleas, vibrantly colored Pintas, and pink flowers covering the ground from the branches above – the couple smiled, laughed, and soaked in every moment.

The wedding party was introduced until the newlyweds made their way to the inscribed heart bearing their names.  It was upon this heart they danced their first dance as husband and wife.













Next, Chad escorted his mom to the dance floor for their dance, onlookers were moved by their sentiment. But quickly broke out in cheers, as the two shocked the crowd with an upbeat choreographed dance showcasing the true dynamics of this mother and son. As the guests slowly entered the ballroom for a delicious dinner, the couple walked down to the dock and captured the glow of the setting sun against the backdrop of calm, clear water.













The rest of the evening was spent dancing in the ballroom, noshing on the cake, toasts, and basking in the love of their family and friends.


To end on a high note, Savannah and Chad ran through a runway of glowing lights guiding them to their future together…

Congratulations Savannah and Chad!


Dream Team:

Photographer: Madeline Paige Photography @madelinepaigephotography

Flowers: Angelic Flowers @Angelicflowershop

Venue: Town Manor on the Lake @Townmanorweddings