“Magically Perfect

Our wedding at Town Manor can only be described as “Magically Perfect.” As soon as we arrived we found... more

by Becky B. 11/01/14
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Our guests LOVED it just as much as us!

Dec 14, 2014 by 

The place itself exudes a vintage charm and grandeur. Overall Town Manor was a lovely venue for our 12-13-14 wedding. Our wedding day went pretty smoothly. My advice for prospective brides: make sure there is a plan to enforce your wishes the day-of. There were a few incidents at our wedding that probably could have been avoided had there been more focus on enforcing our wishes. DO NOT question the food or cake, it’s fabulous-I promise! If you can, opt to add more time to the 4 hours. Although 4 hours allowed for a wonderful wedding, at times things felt rushed. We would have loved more time to sit back and enjoy everything!

Truly Picture Perfect

Dec 13, 2014 by 

Our wedding on 12/12/14 at the Town Manor was picture perfect. From the beautiful gazebo where we exchanged our vows to the gorgeous sunset over the lake where we took our photos, our wedding experience couldn't have been better.

Having a wedding venue that was all inclusive was priceless. Nandy and her staff went above and beyond to make sure even the smallest detail of our wedding wasn't overlooked. Our guests had many compliments regarding the food, cake and the DJ Don. We were very happy with the recommended photographer, Terry Hancock, and the flowers provided by The Flower Cart.

We wanted our children to play an integral part of our wedding and when we told Nandy that we wanted to have a power point highlighting special memories we had with our children playing during a dance with them and during the reception her staff really came through. They provided an attractive table complete with drapery and the equipment necessary to accommodate a 50 inch TV and computer and this was definitely a major highlight of the evening.

Thank you Town Manor!!

So pleased and excited with how our day turned out.

Nov 02, 2014 by 

My wedding was a dream come true thanks to Town Manor B&B. The overall experience helped relieved the stress of planning a wedding.

My husband and I were married on November 2, 2014 at Town Manor B&B. I would definitely recommend the manor for a wedding venue. The gardens and grounds are filled with beautiful flowers that embrace Florida's true beauty. There are several spots throughout the property to capture the romantic embrace of newly weds.

Having the option to select all inclusive packages, gave me more time to focus on the finer details of my special day. I was pleased with the communication to keep all elements of my planning on schedule.

“Magically Perfect

Nov 01, 2014 by 

Our wedding at Town Manor can only be described as “Magically Perfect.” As soon as we arrived we found that the staff at Town Manor had already prepared the entire venue for the wedding party and our guests. The Grand Ballroom was decorated with the style and grace of a five star restaurant, and the Ceremony Garden looked like it was right out of a fairytale. The Bridal suite was perfect for all of the bridesmaids to enjoy the bride getting ready for the first look with all the finishing touches.
The ceremony was perfect with music right on cue and family singing. Everyone was comfortable and could hear our vows spoken to each other with no problems. After our grand exit to our hand picked song, we took some family photos while our guests dined on the best wedding food they had ever eaten before. We constantly saw the Town Manor staff attending to our guest’s every need and the flowing reception provided a grand array of delicious food presented hot and fresh to our guests throughout the entire reception.
The music and dancing were perfect and the DJ played only what we had selected prior to the wedding. We chose an alcohol free reception and Town Manor provided a top notch family-friendly environment where all of our guests felt waited on and valued in every way. We had our first dances in front of the crowd and they were perfect. The rest of the reception went off without a hitch and everyone had the time of there lives eating and celebrating with friends and family for our joyous occasion.

Best Venue Hands Down

Oct 26, 2014 by 

Town Manor is a quaint venue on a beautiful waterfront, perfect for our special day. I have had the opportunity to work with Don and Nandy from Town Manor on numerous occasions. I can't say enough about their professionalism as well as their goal to create a beautiful experience for their clients. There are numerous photo opportunities on the property which will provide you with beautiful images to last a lifetime.

Very classic yet unique.

Oct 19, 2014 by 

The staff and grounds at Town Manor are extraordinary. The planning process was virtually stress free with amazing results. We could not have imagined a more perfect wedding. Town Manor gave us an unforgettable wedding not only for us but our guests as well.

Loved this venue!

Oct 14, 2014 by 

The place was absolutely beautiful, and they took care of everything. My husband and I do not make a lot of money and wanted a pretty wedding outside that wasn't too expensive. I loved that the venue did everything for us. They have a chef who made awesome food that all of our guests enjoyed. The cake that they baked came out perfectly and exactly how I wanted it. I asked them to make our cake look like a tree stump with our initials carved into it, the baker said that it had never been done before but they certainly got the look right. Everything that day moved so fast, I don't know how I would have done it without this venue. We felt that the cost was well worth it. All in all we spent about 10k on our wedding and were able to pay it off within a year before our wedding. Town Manor has a great payment plan that made it very easy for us to pay off our wedding so that by the time our wedding day came up, we had absolutely nothing to worry about. We are definitely going to go back on our anniversary one year and try to get a room for a night or a weekend =] because it's also a bed and breakfast! So cute!

Where Our Fairy-tale Began

Oct 13, 2014 by 

From the moment my father, grandmother and I stepped on Town Manor's grounds and met Nandy I knew that was where I wanted to marry my better half! No kidding, this would actually be the THIRD time changing our venue & SECOND time changing our date. I kept settling for less because of budget, but Town Manor was every thing I ever dreamed AND it worked with our budget! The grounds, owners, staff and the all inclusive packages! I didn't stress about our wedding, I knew that it was going to be wonderful and it surely was. Nandy and the staff were very professional and so kind; what a marvelous bunch at the Manor. Words can not express my gratitude towards them. My husband and I had a morning ceremony in April of 2014; we will be going back for our first anniversary! How could we not?! Please, brides & grooms go tour Town Manor, go meet the team and BOOK! You won't regret it. Cherish your wedding day, but most importantly your marriage. It is a beautiful thing!

A dream come true...

Oct 12, 2014 by 

My wedding day was a dream come true. It was one of my most relaxed and breath taking days of my life. I couldn't even imagine having my wedding at any other venue. I wish I could relive those very moments everyday. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was like a magical garden. Nandy greeted me with a single rose and a glass of champagne and I knew from that point on I was in good hands. The Manor treated everyone like royalty. I never had to ask what was next everything flowed like water. My family 6 months later still talk about the amazing sunset and water views. The food was AMAZING, no one could get over the fact that they had shrimp and grits that tasted just like home (family from the South). I even had my mother in law ask if she could buy a case of The Manor signature pink champagne for Christmas. She doesn't even drink! The DJ never missed a beat, engaged with the guests and kept the mood joyful and lively. He even got my husband on the dance floor.

Stress-Free Planning

Oct 11, 2014 by 

By the Groom: Most guys have a hard time finding a woman they want to be with for the rest of their lives so once we find her, we throw what feels like all of our money into a ring, hope she says yes, then a wedding and finally, pray for a financial reprieve once it's all over. Tips for guys: 1. The amount of planning that goes into a wedding is astronomical. Your fiancee will pull her hair out. Don't be a lazy groom. Help her! 2. Plan on setting a date more than a year in advance. 3. Plan for deposits and fees for changes with anyone you work with. Town Manor is a wonderful place to have a wedding and we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. However there are two things to be aware of: There is little room for changes to be made in the pre-planned packaged flow of events. And you only get 4 hours from start of ceremony to departure. I'll elaborate. While the plan will be great for most couples, my wife opted out of a few events in order to maximize the fun to be had during the allotted 4 hours. The ceremony started at 4:30 pm and we were made to leave at exactly 8:30 pm). On the day, the things my wife didn't want, happened anyway. Yes she could have insisted on her plan but she was under an insane amount of stress, had zero time for thinking and was coping with emotional family turmoil. She's not the type who will return a meal at a restaurant even if a shard of glass is in it much less turn bridezilla, so she just kept doing what she was told to do. This may not be the case with other brides' personalities - I can only speak to mine. That being said, Nandy is professional, kind, easy to work with and runs a well oiled machine and this is very much an all-inclusive venue which saves a ton of time and stress. For the price you get a gorgeous venue, M.C./DJ, good food (try the pork!), a cake (which was not made 100% to spec but was very, very good!) and planner. Also, if you choose their officiant, Nancy Wood, she'll take excellent care of you.

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