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Our wedding at Town Manor was absolutely perfect and we couldn't have wanted anything more! All of our... more

by Nicole P. 05/10/15
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I highly recommend the Manor

May 04, 2010 by 

Words cannot describe the magic that is inside the manor gates. When my hubby and I first talked to the wonderful wedding coordinator, she told us about her "manor magic" but we had no idea how much manor magic there truly was!!

Being a summer wedding it was destined to rain on our wedding day, 80% chance to be exact. But as Nandy said, in the 10 years she's been the coordinator there it has never rained a wedding out once. Sure enough 30 minutes before the ceremony was to begin, the clouds cleared, the seating was dried for the guest and the gardens were bright green and lush.

Being a photographer, I know the ins and outs of this business. I know that from reading the reviews, some people tend to exaggerate and bring down other peoples business. From what I've experienced at Town Manor I could guarantee that this place is one of the most beautiful, amazing, and most professional venues I've ever worked or been apart of. Nandy helped clear all my "Pre-Wedding Jitters" and was all smiles, giving me that confidence I needed.

The gardens itself sold me. When you enter the gardens you walk down a rod-iron heart shaped arch, and I couldn't imagine a better place to see my husband for the last time, before being my husband. Our officiant did an amazing ceremony (Nancy Wood) for us, she brought in very unique things that made out wedding vows different and more beautiful than anyone else could have ever had.

The spectacular thing about The Manor is it's all inclusive. Everything you want, or any question you have is answered right there. Nandy told me several times, your wish is my command, and boy was she right. She guided me through things (because of course I had no idea what was going to work...since I've never been married before 🙂 ) and when I had an idea but wasn't sure how to mold it, she thought of wonderful ideas to bring every aspect of my dream wedding into play.

When you first book at the Manor (and trust me...you will) you're given this large packet filled with vendors, menus, and cards. Because although the cake, wonderful DJ and amazing catering staff are all included from the Manor you choose your other vendors to bring in. So instead of scrambling and having that chance that the vendors I find are sub-par, Nandy gave me many options that were recommended from the Manor.

Being a first time bride(and if I had to I'd do it again...at the Manor! lol ) you don't realize until it's all over, how amazingly easy everything was. Nandy lets you have access and use of anything on the property.
For instance, We had flowers floating around in the pool, our guest got to keep the stats of a game on the plasma screen in the outdoors lounge area, and the property was lined with lanterns.

Nandy even told me that they've had baby tigers, a mariachi band, and fire dancers brought in for weddings before. It's truly amazing how Town Manor can be anything from a small, garden wedding to a beautiful "platinum" wedding...without busting your wallet at all!

The most important thing to me, was that it was our day. We didn't have to share the property with anyone else (which is very hard to find) and Nandy had all her attention on me till the day of the wedding. I still keep in contact with her, she is such a wonderful person.

Superb attention to detail

Nov 07, 2009 by 

Town Manor is a unique bed and breakfast wedding venue. It's a bit of comfort amongst the crazy world of wedding chaos. This venue is for those that don't want the traditional ballroom venue but not adventurous enough to walk through the woods. It gives the lake front/backyard wedding feeling with high class service. Their attention to detail is superb. Not only is Town Manor a gorgeous venue, but the food is incredible. My husband and I still salivate when thinking of the food served at our wedding. People still talk about our dinner selection 3 years later. On site accommodations are perfect for parents and bridal party. The honeymoon suite is full of character. The special gestures just continued throughout our visit from added decor, plated dinner and drinks when we returned from our vintage car take off, all the way to a picnic basket breakfast over looking the lake the day after. We are so pleased with the professionalism and tenderness Town Manor brought to our wedding day and to our guest's experience. They truly are incredible.

Lovely Wedding

Apr 26, 2009 by 

Town Manor is definitely beautiful. Our food was very good and the cake was the best we have ever seen or eaten. That said, the venue is not very flexible with making changes if you want your wedding to be different than their standard fare. I asked many times if we could pay to extend the time of our wedding--3.5 hours from the time the gates open til the time the guests had to leave, including the ceremony--and they would not budge. My one regret from the wedding day was not being able to enjoy it for longer. If you want a simple, beautiful wedding and to not do much leg-work for your wedding, this is the place for you. My guests couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous the wedding was and how great the food tasted!

Such fun!

Apr 20, 2008 by 

The venue is gorgeous and Nandy is the sweetest person to work with. The cake was GORGEOUS and delicious. The music and DJ were average what you expect for included. I wish there was more room for dancing. The food was yummy, we had a buffet. You are not the only event guaranteed for your day so we felt a little rushed and that we couldn't linger longer if we wanted.

Planning was stress free

Mar 21, 2008 by 

Town Manor Bed & Breakfast in Auburndale Florida is the most beautiful place to get married. We loved the scenery and the staff. Everything was taken care of by them, it made it very stress free for the bride to be.

A little bit of Heaven

Oct 20, 2003 by 

OK, so we are in the planning stage of our wedding renewal, I found Town Manor on the Lake, In our backyard, We are a family of 5, and In this day and age, Most people know that the budget must be kept and looked after, We have 3 kids ! Well I called The Manor, and spoke to a very nice lady, the owner Nandy , She is charming and very honest, I could tell just from our conversations that she really wants to help people have those special moment's to remember, now I know a thing or two about party planning, and pulling off A party is no easy thing, But I can tell you , her heart is truly in wanting to make the most for memories and one in a lifetime moments for whomever comes to the manor. I told her what our budget was and her wheels started turning, She has a wonderful Sense of Creativity and Really seeks to please people. Which we all know is a very tough job! I can say that If you are looking for your Fairy tail kingdom, Your little bit of heaven, or just a little peace of paradise, this is the place for you, and the owner who runs this Manor is truly a Fairy god mother at heart .... What are you waiting for ? Take a look and decide for yourself .

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