Preparing for Unwanted Wedding Weather

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A couple can plan most details of a wedding, down to matching colors and flowers, and even brilliantly decorated venues, all of which make for a great wedding setting, but no one can control the weather. The weather here in Florida is often sunny & warm, but we do tend to see regular rain showers, especially during the humid summer months. If you’ve dreamed of an outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden along the lakeshore (like ours!), you’re not alone. An outdoor wedding can be memorable & romantic, but one thing you must remember when planning an outdoor wedding is you cannot determine the weather forecast ahead of time.

But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to plan for bad weather AND take advantage of wet weather.

1) Move Inside – If you have planned an outdoor wedding, it’s imperative to have a Plan B in place should the weather let loose on your big day. Weather related worries can be easily alleviated by simply having a tent or covered space available nearby the planned outdoor site. We are blessed at Town Manor to have what is known as “Manor Magic.”  Over the 82 years that our family estate has been hosting weddings, there have only been a handful of occasions where we were not able to perform the ceremony outside. We carefully monitor the weather using Doppler Radar and other weather related tools to keep ahead of changing weather conditions. In most cases, if there is rain in the area- we are able to delay the ceremony long enough for the typical Florida showers to come and go and not interfere with the lakeside ceremony.  In rare cases when it looks like the rain is unrelenting, we will regroup and perform the wedding inside of our beautiful lakefront, air conditioned ballroom.  The large ballroom windows provide a wonderful vista of Lake Juliana and give you the feeling of being outside even if the rain says otherwise.

There have been numerous times when, it has been pouring all around the central Florida area yet, the Manor is enjoying spectacular ceremony weather. Over the years, our couples have coined the term “Manor Magic” to describe the countless times that Town Manor has been able to work around potential rain issues and have our couples married in the gorgeous lakeside garden.

2) Get Fashionable Rain Accessories- It’s much easier to take the rain in stride if you and your wedding party are properly equipped. Umbrellas, rain gear, and rain boots that match the colors used in your wedding dresses & decorations can make it look like you planned for rain all along. They are a great way to keep your heels, shoes, dresses, and hair safe from the wet weather when travelling to or from buildings and cars. Having these on hand for the wedding party (at least) and for guest (if possible and within the budget) can make it easy to deal with wedding-day precipitation.

3) Speak with the Photographer about Photo Opp Options In Case of Inclement Weather – If there are special wedding photos at outdoor locations that you have dreamed about for years, having a torrential downpour is not going to be conducive to snapping these photographs.

All experienced photographers will have a “Plan A” and a “Plan B” (which is bad weather). They will have researched the location and venues and know how to accommodate for any weather situations. Do not fret if it is a gray, cloudy day. The best sort of light for outdoor photographer actually comes during cloudy skies. It’s beautiful, even light that will compliment any face. If the sky is dark and stormy, a photographer can use a mix of artificial light but still be able to retain the drama of a stormy sky.

 If there is rain or it is extremely windy, the couple does not need to worry that the weather is against them.  If the rain and wind does not allow for open, outdoor photos, see if the wedding venue has protected outdoor areas such as pergolas, or canopied doorways. Indoors next to a window would be the next best thing. Window light makes for truly dramatic photos.  If the rain is light, having a large white umbrella on hand is a great alternative. Apart from protecting against the elements, a white umbrella will diffuse the top light and reflect the bottom light creating a beautiful soft light which will only enhance the beauty of the bridal party. As mentioned above, keeping the umbrellas white, or at least matching the bridesmaids‘ dresses, will make for photographs that look like you actually meant to use them as a cute prop.

Essentially, the whole strategy for dealing with unwanted wedding weather is “Just go with it!” Embracing the weather conditions can not merely save the day, but it could truly make or some great opportunities to make your wedding even more unique. Not to mention, it will make for a funny story about how the bride had to arrive in pink rain galoshes!